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It is a luck or a damnation to be still alive? A passion without escape, without remedy. Zurich, Room The room of farewell. Love never dies a natural death. Nothing remains. Only your small avatar in one social network where I usually go. I look at it. I remember when your photo where only for me. Now your mobile number is changed. So many things change so fast.

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The breathing is slow, sometimes almost absent. Things seem transparent. Nothing makes me happier, nothing catches my attention. Only the memory of you. In the past I lived sensual seasons of pleasure without consequences of any kind. This time is different.

My love was overwhelming, wrong, exaggerated, incorrect, powerful, indecent but true. I am orphan of your smile, of your hands, of your sex, of your mouth, Andrea. I miss you, and all happened only yesterday. I miss you and the pain is like a wound that reopens and bleeds I miss you more than everything else.

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I will miss you tomorrow in the same way. Loneliness and loss, pain between the shoulder and the heart. Alone, I feel cold inside my bones, and pain on my skin. You were my skin, Andrea. My skin is dead when you went out of the room. My skin followed you down the stairs. I imagined you frightened running away, going back to be the good Swiss husband you pretend to be. In any case, the rest of the night passed. There is a very thin layer of skin left now, it is unable to defend me. I will never feel warm or safe. But what is warmth without your sex inside me?

Near my lips and my mouth? This gray day which suffocates every breath. In being appropriate for your needs. Did it necessarily have to end? And there was the town. I wanted to have it back, and you have been Zurich for me, for a long time, too much time, you and Zurich were the same image superimposed.

My beloved town. I had to kill the love affair to end it, to bring our fool, crazy, wonderful, devastating, infiltrating need to possess, mixing saliva, sperm, fluids, blood and tears to an end. I was scared, I could afford, it was so important, it seemed important for you in the same way.


Hotel Gregory, Zurich

You told me your love. You showed me your desire. That incredible explosion of sensations! Such a celebration of carnal splendor. It was strong, overwhelming exaggerated, sweeping. Nothing of what happened has left me undamaged, and I am sure that what happened has not left undamaged either you, I know. I know more about your life and feelings than you can think. You will never forget. Hotel gregory. Ebooka przeczytasz w aplikacjach Legimi na: Androidzie.

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Your body is my home. It will always be, My mouth was orphans of your tongue, my mouth was an orphan of your taste. Again, you and me. Do you remember? It began in november. An intense caress and, after, only very deep kisses. What a beautiful memory! From the beginning, hotel rooms have been our altar. From the beginning, hotel rooms have given us a secret shelter for our love, a clandestine, wrong, necessary love: this abyss of pleasure and pain. Hotel rooms, the place of our private celebration. I am a well known erotic writer in Italy, you know, you liked that.

I didn't want to write about us.

Hotel Gregory.Zurich. Room 401.

It was not my idea. There is my tru life inside this ebook.

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    A story of total surrender, that had to be told. The story of an absolute desire lived afternoons and nights closed in some hotel rooms, in Zurich: the story of my fear of losing you. The events told here are the last act of a relationship based on beauty, submission, domination, fever, madness, extreme sex, need, pain, true love. A depressing malaise, without hope? A miracle, a wound, a party, a cut, a necessary caress. Our story, in any case.

    We have really lived all of this.