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Beautiful, human connection in the midst of terrible situations. Brent helps the down and out tell you who they really are, the dreams they've lost, and the happiness they still hope to find. Everyone is fighting a battle that other people know nothing about; take the chance to look into a stranger's eyes and listen with your heart.

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This book is heartwarming, heartbreaking and so very real! My hope for those that read the book is that they come out with more compassion and understanding for everyone. I hope they realize that any of these people could have been them or their sister, brother, mother, father, son or daughter. All Stories. Audio Stories. Grey Matters. Down on Decatur.

Inkd Soul. Share Your Story. About The Hidden South. The Store. Next Tattered Dreams. Add To Cart. Facebook 0 Twitter Reddit Tumblr. Reviews From Amazon Buy this book! As a witty TV pundit and successful author, Brent Pope seems the epitome of urbanity and achievement. But he's also a model of honesty and tells Ciara Dwyer how he feels he once let down his brother and that his personality is prone to discontent — something that has affected his love life.

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Now, however, he's winning the battle to accentuate the positive. He can't help himself: "What a match on Saturday," he says, referring to Leinster being beaten by Clermont. They both nod knowingly. Later on, I will understand how the acceptance of that compliment is a huge step forward. It wasn't always so.

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But Brent is not one to be gloomy, so he keeps it light and bright before eventually telling me how he has worked on himself. When I meet him, I address him as "Bent Pipe," the incorrect name that came across the loudspeaker as he made his way out on a rugby pitch when he was a fledgling player.

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He laughs at it. It's clear that he can take a joke.

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Everybody knows Brent Pope. He knows what he's talking about because he has seen the pitch from all angles. Although he was never professional, he used to play as a forward for Otago in New Zealand, back in the days when dirty playing — giving and getting punches in the head — was commonplace. It was a time when he and his team-mates were advised that it would be good to eat fish and chips before a match.

The chips were the carbohydrates and the fish, the protein. He looks back in laughter at their bizarre innocence, knowing that nothing of the sort would be tolerated in this sophisticated era. One time he was even treated by a vet, as his team didn't have a doctor. The man was in a white coat and he had seemed to have some medical knowledge.

It was a different world and yet, like all rugby players, he relished the rough and tumble of rolling mauls and scrums. An unfortunate elbow injury in at the All Blacks trials meant that Brent never got to play for his dream team.

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But he kept on trucking. That seems typical of Brent. Although he is serious about many things in life, almost everything can be turned into a joke. It can be a great survival mechanism. Twenty years ago, he came to Ireland, the country of his grandparents, because he was invited to play for St Mary's. The offer came at a time when he was ready for a change, so he jumped at the chance.

The idea was that he was on a temporary visit — three months — but he liked life here so much that he eventually decided to stay. He played with St Mary's and later coached Clontarf. He has been on our screens ever since. When Popey as he is affectionately known settles down in the studio alongside George Hook and Conor O'Shea, with Tom McGurk at the helm, he is the calm and collected Buddha, while often George fires off fusillades, and fumes.

It's obvious that he enjoys his job and, as a result, people warm to him, even those who don't know him.

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There is something very likeable about him. When I met him in the Merrion Hotel on a crisp winter morning, he was dressed immaculately in a well-cut white shirt, a light tweed jacket and elegant jeans. He had his helmet on the ground beside him. Although he often drives from his home in Blackrock — where he lives alone — he scoots around town on a Vespa.

When he had headed out that morning it had been raining, but he wouldn't wear rain gear, certainly not the trousers. He is too snazzy a dresser.

acgucarme.ga He tells me that he should probably have a big helmet with a visor to cover his face, but it wouldn't match the image of the Vespa. This may sound vain but there is something endearing about his honesty. It tells his life story in a frank way and he is to be commended for telling stories against himself. It takes guts to talk about your failings.

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He began scrutinizing the Bible more closely and reading more about what biblical scholars had to say about it and religion in general. He also conveyed his thoughts as lyrics for music, for which he also has a passion. When social media became popular, he began posting some of his musings on Facebook. Years ago, friends encouraged him to write a book based on his blog posts.

He considered and decided to focus on the ones about religion since they seemed to generate the most attention and commentary. He picked away at it sporadically for years until deciding pursue publishing a book earlier this year. He simply modified the blog title to use as a title for the book, which he has now published through Lulu Press. In fact, other than the last two chapters, the book is arranged alphabetically by blog post titles. He said the flow of the book just happens to work for him that way.

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I never planned to stop writing. I just felt like I never had anything else to say about it. He knows his book is not likely to convert religious fanatics, he just wants people to enjoy reading it and to do so with an open mind. I did try to make it humorous because the subject matter itself is serious, but it can be entertaining, too. He dedicated the book to his five-year-old daughter, Jessica, who he said seems to share his sense of wonder about life. Top News.