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Annie Lafleur born in Montreal is a Canadian poet from Quebec. Le Devoir, October 5, Renaud went to Paris in to study theatre. On her return to Montreal, she worked as a comedian and singer, appearing on radio and television. She returned to Paris in to work on her literary work. While there, she conducted interviews with people from the arts for Radio Canada. She worked as a professional astrologer for several years. Paul Chamberland born in Longueuil, Canada in is a poet and Quebec essayist. He is also considered as a humanist.

He studied philosophy and literature. In , he got the Athanase-David prize. He also got recongnized for his sovereignist engagement and his pamphleteer texts on the subject. Germaine Beaulieu is a poet and novelist born in in Laval, Quebec. She started writing since Some of her writings were translated into english and published in the Dandelion journal as well. Germaine Beaulieu is also a psychologist for years. Archived from the original on American Council for Quebec Studies.

Danielle Fournier born is a Quebec educator and writer. She also studied German at the University of New Brunswick. Her work has also appeared in a number of anthologies. Antonio D'Alfonso born 6 August [1] is an Italian-Canadian writer,[2] editor, publisher and filmmaker, best known as the founder of Guernica Editions. He grew up speaking Italian and attended both English and French schools and became trilingual.

In he founded Guernica Editions in Montreal as a bilingual publishing house.

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It was successful in promoting English and French language writers and expanded into publishing ethnic minority authors particularly those of Italian backgrounds. D'Alfonso sold Guernica in As a writer he works in both English and French and has won awards in both. He is also a self-translator who rewrites his work from English to French or vice versa. Fabrizio's Passion won the Bressani Award. A notable feature is the neo-classical greenhouse, built in the s. The English landscape park has four km of avenues, a variety of forest trees and exotic ornamental trees, a lake, a river and a grotto.

A contemporary botanical garden with five themes; an ethnobotanic garden , with historical plants useful to mankind; the Garden of Charlemagne , with plants which the Emperor Charlemagne decreed be planted at every monastery in the Empire, as well as plants imported from the Americas corn , tomatoes , potatoes ; The garden of acclimatization , with new, unusual and forgotten kinds of plants; the garden of scents , with wide variety of aromatic plants, and a tunnel of roses , jasmine and clematis ; and an aquatic garden , with both local aquatic plants and exotic water plants, such as water lilies , lotus and papyrus of the Nile.

He re-created the garden as it is today, with canals, a stream and cascade, hedges, roses, plane trees, fruit trees and flower beds. A contemporary garden, inspired by medieval gardens, overlooking the estuary of the Trieux River. The garden features a medieval kitchen garden; a medicinal garden, a medieval flower garden; an avenue of camellias , with one thousand plants of varieties; palm trees; a rose garden; jasmine , wisterias , grapevines, and an alley of pergolas with honeysuckle.

A romantic English garden and botanical garden, created in It includes basins, cascades and a water staircase; Italian terraces; and a fine collection of magnolias , camellias , rhododendrons , and plants of Australia, New Zealand and the Mediterranean. It also has an English-style park, fountains, sculpture and a cascade, all recently restored.

The gardens have over seven thousand varieties of plants, particularly those that grow well in an acid soil, including camellias , magnolias , rhododendrons and hydrangeas.

Die Hausiererin (Helle Steine - Dunkle Steine. Bildwerke des Lebens 1) (German Edition)

The four hundred camellias reach their peak around 20 March, while the azaleas flower in April. See Photos. In a word, I was in such good equilibrium between the past and the future that I felt naturally and instinctively drawn to neither the one nor the other, and it did not take great efforts for me to look calmly at both sides. If Tocqueville exaggerated the coldness and disinterestedness with which he observed the two opposing options, he was sincere in the idea that history could just as easily have made him an ultra as a liberal.

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Beaumont found himself in a quite similar situation. I did not have one; no one said anything to me. At the gate of Saint-Cloud, I have just seen the convoy of the monarchy pass by, the King, the children of France, the ministers are in carriages surrounded by body guards.

And well! Would you believe, the escutcheons of the royal carriages are hidden beneath mud coverings. From the time of the appointment of the Polignac government on 8 August , 53 Tocqueville and Beaumont expected an event of this type. A partisan of the Bourbons, Tocqueville owed a certain loyalty to his social origins, but the accomplished deed of the change of dynasty led him in fact to discover a great fidelity to France. Nonetheless, the fact of putting the honor of France as well as the principles of the Charter and of liberty before the Bourbons put them closer to liberal positions than they and Tocqueville in particular believed.

This loyalty to the nation rather than to the Bourbons nevertheless isolated them from their milieu. Friends and relatives withdrew from public life as the possibility of overturning the monarchy seemed more unreal, in particular after the month of August, when all officials were asked to swear an oath of loyalty to Louis-Philippe. For their part, Tocqueville and Beaumont were confronted with a difficult choice: swear an oath to the new king or abandon their judicial careers.

Tocqueville swore an oath, and justified his decision by the fear of anarchy:. I swore an oath to the new government. I believed that by acting in this way I have fulfilled the strict duty of a Frenchman. In our current state, if Louis-Philippe were overthrown, it would certainly not be to the profit of Henry V, but of the republic and of anarchy. Those who love their country must therefore rally openly to the new power that is arising, since it alone can now save France from itself. I despise the new king; I believe his right to the throne less than doubtful, and yet I will support him more firmly, I think, than those who smoothed the way for him and who will not take long to be his masters or his enemies.

The morning of the ordinances I declared before the assembled tribunal that henceforth resistance seemed legitimate to me and that I would resist in my narrow sphere. When the movement went so far as to overthrow the dynasty, I hid from no one my opposition to this measure.

I said that I would wage civil war if it took place. Once it was an accomplished fact, I continued to believe what I had always believed, that the strictest duty was not toward a man or a family, but toward country. The salvation of France, at the point where we were, seemed to me to be in maintaining the new king. So I promised to support him, without hiding the fact that I did not do it for him.

I protested that I did not intend an oath that bound me forever to any cause other than to the interest of our country, and I Edition: current; Page: [ lxi ] did not hide the fact that the moment that the new dynasty became incompatible with that interest, I would conspire against it.

Haïti, 1919-1920, livre bleu d'Haïti, blue book of Hayti

It was out of these precise circumstances that the idea of the journey to America was born. It involved describing and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems in use in the United States.

https://daydentseemu.cf The Pennsylvania system provided for incarceration in solitary confinement night and day as well as individual work by each person in his cell. The Auburn system, in the state of New York, provided for imprisonment in solitary confinement and work in common, but under the strict law of silence. About his American plans, Tocqueville gave the following argument that he confided to his friend Stoffels:. My position in France is bad on all points, at least as I see it; for either the government will consolidate itself, which is not very probable, or it will be destroyed.

In the first case, my situation is not very pleasant and will not be for a long while.

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  • I do not want advancement, because that would tie me to men whose intentions I suspect. If I support those men, I am doing something that is in accord with neither my principles nor my position. So there I am necessarily reduced to the role of a neutral, which is to say to the most pitiful role of all, especially when you occupy a lower grade.

    To all of that, add that the future is until now so obscure that it is impossible to say which party we should, in the interest of our country, desire to have the definitive victory. Now, suppose that this government is overthrown; amid the disruption that will follow, I have no chance to make myself known, for I am starting too low. I still have done nothing to attract public attention.

    red book mr x red book heftausgabe german edition Manual

    There is my future in France; I sketched it without exaggeration. Now, suppose that, without ceasing to be a magistrate and still maintaining my rights of seniority, I go to America; fifteen months go by; the parties become clear in France; you see clearly which one is incompatible with the grandeur and tranquility of your country; you then return with a clear and decided opinion and free of any engagement with whomsoever in the world.

    This journey, all by itself, has drawn you out of the most common class; the knowledge that you have acquired among so celebrated a people finally brings you out of the crowd. You know just what a vast republic is, why it is practical here, impractical there!

    All the points of public administration have been successively examined. Returning to France, you feel, certainly, a strength that you did not have when you left.

    List of Remarkable Gardens of France

    If the moment is favorable, some publication can alert the public to your existence and fix the attention of the parties on you. If that does not happen, oh well! Your journey at least did you no harm, for you were as unknown in America as you were in France, and returning to your country you are Edition: current; Page: [ lxiii ] entirely as suited to advance as if you had remained there.

    There, I think, is a plan that is not in all ways absurd. It is therefore understood that initially the book on the United States was considered a means: that of opening the doors of a political career for its author. But the publication that Tocqueville is referring to in the cited passage still lacked a name and substance. Moreover, the initial intention of Tocqueville and Beaumont was to publish a shared text on the political institutions and mores of the North Americans.

    The reasons that Beaumont had for leaving France for a time were not very far from those of Tocqueville. In Marie, he gave the following romantic version that he put in the mouth of the protagonist:. Toward the year , a Frenchman resolved to go to America with the intention of settling there.

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    This plan was inspired by various causes. A recent revolution had revived in his country political passions that were believed to be extinct.

    His sympathies and his convictions carried him toward one party; his family ties kept him in another. Thus placed between his principles and his feelings, he constantly felt some conflict; to follow the movements of his heart, he would have to stifle the voice of his reason; and if he remained faithful to his beliefs, he would offend his dearest affections. If it is incorrect that the French government sent Beaumont to the United States for the purpose of removing him from the trial, it remains true that it was bent on including a magistrate of aristocratic origin in a trial in which the king could be implicated.

    By proceeding in this way, the government shielded itself from the suspicions of the legitimists and, if the judgment ever implicated the conduct of the monarch, 63 it could always turn against a lawyer who did not have the reputation of being favorable to the new regime. Tocqueville and Beaumont left for America on April 2, Their baggage included dozens of letters of introduction and a few works on the United States: those of Volney and of Cooper, a history of the United States, and the book by Basil Hall.